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Production of Super Boat Rollers for Boat Trailers

FD Plastteknik dares to say that boat trailer rollers which have been designed and manufactured by FD Plastteknik are amongst the best on the European market.

Taking the environment into account, we have used high-quality materials and technical solutions in our rollers, thanks to which the rollers comply with most boat owners’ requirements.

They want the rollers to run smoothly, to protect the boat as much as possible, to have an optimal design for their intended task and to have a long service life.

The rollers are made of high-quality TPE/ PP and PU/PA, which do not leave any black traces on the boat.

FD Plastteknik has been manufacturing high-quality rollers for boat trailers for more than 15 years and they are both heat- and cold-resistant, without any deformations. All rollers are designed and manufactured in Denmark.

The quality of our rollers justifies their price and we believe that FD Plastteknik’s rollers and stern support can be an important factor for the customer to choose exactly your boat trailer.

Let us see what a test has to show!

Kind regards,
FD Plastteknik

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