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Keel rollers, large

They are smooth-running rollers supplied with a churn (sleeve) throughout the keel roller’s length of 200 mm. All keel rollers have big wall thickness in order to ensure strength, stability and long service life.

The churn (sleeve) completes the keel roller’s length and therefore acts as a spacer for the keel roller fitting, preventing damage to the soft top coating of the keel roller and reducing the friction on the steel sides of the fitting.

There is no steel tube in the keel roller which can get rusty or which can harm the environment. The middle diameter of the keel roller can be up to 70 mm. This way, the keel of the boat has a large contact face in order to prevent it from getting pressure marks or damages easily. The high edges of the keel roller make it easier to steer the keel of the boat when hauling up the boat trailer.

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